Axia eCampus Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Axia eCampus Login:

Follow these steps to log in to your axia ecampus account:

1. The log in process of axia ecampus is relatively easy. You just need to copy the link URL of axia ecampus into your preferred browser:

2. Like other sites, axia ecampus requires a username: this will be placed on the first area at the log in panel.

3. Your personal password shall be inputed at the next textbox. Make sure to make no mistakes in typing the characters to encounter no errors.

4. You have to apparently click the Login button located below the final textbox in the log in panel. 



Still experiencing log in errors? You may need to reset your account credentials:


1. Follow the step one of axia log in process to go directly into its log in page.

2. Look through the "Forgot Username/Password?" link located below the Login button. You will be redirected to another page.

3. axia presents two options: Reset password or Retrieve username.

4. Retrieving your username is quite easy. You just need to provide some personal details which you inputed when you registered your axia ecampus account. For instance, your name and date of birth are needed. Just finish typing all of the required information indicated in the page. After you are done with this step, click the Continue button.

If you lost your password, you also need to enter several required information. You need to enter your email address (connected to your axia ecampus account) so that they can send a link for you to reset your password. 


Contact axia acampus:

For more infomation regarding the axia ecampus login process, check out these contact details in order to talk with them directly:


(866) 226-7497



(480) 446-4600
(800) 866-3919

Do not forget bookmark this page and check back later to find out if any of the process has changed, if there are any bugs or system issues, or any other important issues you may need to know about axia ecampus login.